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Reform Senate, get rid

CANADA'S Senate is one of the strangest institutions that could exist in a modern democracy. It vastly over-represents some parts of the country and brutally shortchanges others.

Our hard-working teachers need to move with times

The Editor, Re: "Teaching becomes more than 9-5 job," Letters, Feb. 29. In reading the letter by Wendy McDonnell, I have a greater appreciation for the work that our teachers do on a daily basis.

Communication breaks down with Telus

I must admit I have mixed emotions when it comes to telecommunications giant Telus. On the one hand, I pay them a lot of money. Every month. This modern age of home phones, office phones, cell phones, kids' cell phones -.

Drugs better than strap to keep order?

This is the story of three (imaginary) children, Alice, Bobby and Charlie. All three of them are Grade 1 students and their teacher has been asked which of them is the calmest, most mature and responsible. That's no problem for our fake teacher.

Change budget priorities for children

The Editor, Everyone says they want what's best for children. If that's so, then we'd demand better working conditions for teachers and a fairly negotiated wage.

Old road traffic systems need some upgrades

The Editor, I am a driver and a pedestrian, and take all the precautions as both. I have also seen the rules flaunted by both sides. Drivers in a haste to pass before the yellow signal turns red and pedestrians hoping to make that dash across.

Too much information

As purveyors of news, we should be the last people in the world to suggest that some news is too distressing.

Help community at Richmond Shares

The Editor, I am writing this letter to thank Richmond Shares for their incredible work in helping the less fortunate and those anxious about their tomorrow.

Shaking core democracy

Open letter to MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay, I am writing to you today to express my deep concern about alleged election fraud in the last federal election. The news I am hearing about the robocall election fraud scandal keeps getting worse.

Stop $200 million private school subsidies

The Editor, I met with my liberal MLA John Yap, to discuss this government's vision for education and what that will mean for my three young children.