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Blazing a trail for reform

Another April 20, another 4/20 rally in which recreational pot enthusiasts gather en masse, light up their doobies in defiance of the man, and let the world know they think marijuana should be legal, or at least decriminalized.

Daycare more than business

The Editor, Re: "Little Pilots' wings clipped," News, April 12. I am writing regarding the closure of YMCA Little Pilots' childcare center. I worked at Little Pilots for 20 years and agree that it is not "just a business.

Enviable farmland is slipping away

The Editor, Richmond is facing an important problem: the continuous loss of our remaining farmland. This will affect our community in the present and in years to come. It should be dealt with now while there is time.

The flipsides of being an artist

I'd like to consider myself an artist- a developing artist - an average apologetic artist, an absent-minded, often frightened artist, but an artist. Most of the time, this is a wonderful thing to be.

Minorities have little say

The Editor, Re: "Education better than a bylaw," Letters, April 10. I'm writing to you in regards to the signs in Chinese. I felt the need to get involved as I myself am an immigrant.

Fight hard, keep it clean

B.C. politics has been termed a "blood sport," and election campaign trails are often said to be littered with the "bodies" of unsuccessful politicians.

eReaders versus tablets

A colleague asked me to weigh in on the difference between eReaders and tablets. She's considering buying one or the other, but is confused by the similarities between the two. Tablets like the Google Nexus 7 or iPad mini are my own preference.

Be who you are for you

Have you ever felt the need to change the way you look to please those around you? Do you feel your self-worth is based on people's judgments of you? Does this feeling get to the point where you're willing to spend loads of money on clothes and make-

An attempt to strangle truth out of history

I've made fun of Francis Fukuyama before. He's about as stupid as a really, really smart guy can be.

'Stalkers' must engage brain

The Editor, A recent trip to Steveston gave me the opportunity to suggest that our "parking stalker's" intelligent thinking is at a zero point.
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