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Lee thanks supporters and Brodie

The Editor, Now that the election is over, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took the time to vote, all of you who supported and voted for me, all my fellow candidates and their supporters, and all the citizens who searche

Enough with luxury condos

The Editor, Mayor Malcolm Brodie says Richmonds immediate priorities include pursuing an aggressive affordable-housing strategy.

Rent hike endangers Potters Club

The Editor, For over 40 years the Richmond Potters Club has enjoyed a mutually beneficial arrangement with the City of Richmond. Many volunteer hours provide technical and administrative direction for the adult pottery classes.

A history of senior wellness clinics

Norah Bain's legacy should be honoured

Garden City cultivates fence art

The Editor, If you drive by Garden City elementary school you will be amazed by an eye catching display of student artwork on the fence that borders Garden City road. We thought highlighting this project might be of some interest for your readers.

Congrats all candidates

The Editor, I would like to comment on the just concluded municipal election in Richmond. The city council and staff did an excellent job in encouraging more voter participation by opening a lot more polling places throughout the city.

The cheque is in the mail for female postal workers

The idea that two people doing the same job should get the same pay seems about as simple as can be. But for close to three decades, Canada Post has insisted that if one of those people is a woman, she should get paid less.

Make every day matter

What would you do today if this was your last day on Earth? I ask myself this question often - not quite every day, but almost. It gives me a sober perspective on my values, the agenda of the day and where I find meaning.

Election results give more of the same

Once again, the status quo held fast as about one-third of the electorate voted for municipal politicians on the weekend.

A history of senior wellness clinics

Norah Bain's legacy should be honoured