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Sister City love lacking from readers

The Editor, Isn't it wonderful that Mayor Brodie and cohorts are going on vacation to China on our leftover taxes? I can think of other ways to spend our tax money.

Swap free-loaders for food bank

The Editor, It is time to put an end to these Sister City vacations by voting out the free-loaders on the city council. There should be a limit on the amount the council can spend without approval from the taxpayer.

Tell us, Mr. Mayor, what's in it for us?

The Editor, Recently on TV, the Burnaby taxpayers were berating their council for heading off on a junket to their Sister City in Arizona. Total cost of the junket was to be around $15,000.

Destroy berries in name nature?

The Editor, Re: "Exciting plans afoot for local parks, trails," City Scene, April 6. I was surprised to find out, when reading Coun.

Cutting education, cuts job skills

Why is the B.C.

Year of 'Abandoned Rabbit'

The Editor, You may still have Easter lily flowers decorating your table and some chocolate stashed away in your cupboard, but officially it's over and done with.

Jago is no neutral mediator

The Editor: Open letter to George Abbott, Minister of Education, Since the dispute you waged against teachers in our province, I find it hard to put into words my feelings of astonishment towards your latest choices in this dispute.

How to get the best GIC rate

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is the most boring investment you could ever own. Also known as term deposits, GICs are suitable for short to mid-term savings goals between 30 days and five years for example.

Looking for lost laptop

The Editor, I wish to inform the public to be always vigilant with their belongings at the Richmond Public Library Brighouse branch. Last weekend, my silver MacBook Pro laptop was stolen on the second floor of the library.

Eternity or the landfill, you have the choice

Once upon a time, there was a man who ruled a small state in central Italy. He also worked as a professional soldier for other rulers. His military career earned him a huge amount of money, more than was required to run his state.