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Pipe dream benefits who?

The Editor, Re: "City demands meeting with BC ministers," News, Jan. 9 After reading your article on the proposed fuel pipeline my husband and I strongly question the logic and benefits of the VAFFC pipeline as currently proposed.

Happy New Year, er, relatively

I'd like to wish you a happy New Year. but I'm not sure it's still appropriate. Of course, the "happy" part is appropriate.

Keeping the Fraser flowing

The Editor, I noted Otto Langer's letter to the editor ("Dredging up old rhetoric" Letters Jan. 4), and wonder if he'd just like to see the Fraser River all sanded in with no more commercial activity on it.

Separating fact from rhetoric

The Editor, I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Langer's letter to the editor "Dredging up old rhetoric," Letters, Jan. 4 As your readers may recall, Mr.

Canuck wagon roomy

WHEN news broke early Sunday morning that a tentative agreement had been reached between the millionaire-club players' association and the billionaire-club National Hockey League owners, local fan reaction was curiously muted.

Ferry tales of woe

As British Columbians start to debate the future of our troubled ferry service, we would be well served as passengers, voters and taxpayers to come to grips with the implications of the decision we face.

Truth trumps Tory lies

The Editor, Re: "Ads attack ethics," Opinion, Nov. 30. Although this note is late, I want to comment on the editorial about the attack ads on NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

Shelter supporters thanked

The Editor, Today is the second time the Canadian Tire store located in the Coppersmith Plaza on Steveston Highway in Richmond contributed to the St. Alban Extreme Weather Shelter.

Old tunnel has life left in it

The Editor, The signs, open houses and news releases by the provincial government indicate that replacing the Massey Tunnel could be in the works. But the smart choice would be to talk about adding a crossing and keeping the existing tunnel.

Protests stuck in idle?

It has received a significant amount of media attention, but will the aboriginal protest group known as Idle No More achieve any significant gains, other than raising public awareness of the pressing problems facing many aboriginal communities? It's
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