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No right turn, yet

For Western Canadians who find themselves on the right wing of the right wing, it's been a gloomy week. Despite an experienced leader, able candidates and media attention, the B.C.

What makes a Sister City?

The Editor, Xiamen has a population of 3,531,347 inhabitants, almost 1.8 times the population counted for the last census in 2000 (which was of 2,053,070 inhabitants).

Act on smart meters, MLAs

The Editor, Thank you for posting the "Urban Myth of BC" caricature. I have been stunned by Energy Minister Rich Coleman's response to the outrageous billing imposed on citizens who have the "smart-for-BCHydro-only" meters installed.

Always watch your possessions

The Editor, Re: "Looking for lost laptop," Letters, April 11. Cesar Balce is absolutely right. The library is a public place like any other, and people should never leave their valuables (laptops, purses, cell phones) unattended for even a moment.

Foreign names taste better

Have you noticed that food products labelled with foreign words or names are more enticing than ones carrying an English identification? Confronted with two jars containing the same product, and costing the same, one labelled "Tomato Sauce," the othe

Centre-right faces important questions

Last week's byelections showed people are abandoning the B.C. Liberal party in droves, but aren't flocking en masse to the B.C. Conservatives.

Duck Island is traffic nightmare

Open letter to Richmond City Council, I would like to put in my two-cents worth regarding the proposed Duck Island development. BAD IDEA.

Stop Steveston parking plan

An open letter to the City of Richmond, mayor and council, Re: "Pay parking will cost in long run," Letters, March 30. "Rethink parking strategy," Letters, March 30.

BCTF: Consider big picture

On Friday, another salvo was fired in the nasty ongoing battle between the Liberal government and the B.C. Teachers Federation.

Create relocation program for rabbits

The Editor, Re: "Year of 'Abandoned Rabbit,'" Letters, April 11. Ms. Howard's letter points out the dilemma facing abandoned pet rabbits - the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources has decided these former pet rabbits are now wildlife.