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Abalone: Unethical choice

The Editor, Re: "Shark fin soup creates a stir," News, Feb. 22.

Age old problems again

The budget presented by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon in the legislature Tuesday afternoon suggests the Liberals have no immediate plans to act on - as opposed to study - recommendations made by the B.C.

Make Metro Vancouver livable

I know Ive been vegetating for too long. So long in fact that I was actually starting to enjoy watching reality TV. But one of the shows finally brought me back to my senses.

Welcome silence, achieve peace

Can you find peace when you consciously go looking for it? Where do you find peace, can you find it in the midst of the multi-tasking you do every day? Most people would say peace is what they want in their lives yet they make choices contrary to tha

Beware, the future will swallow your job

The term creative destruction is thrown around a lot to explain why people have just lost their jobs. Its the nasty, grinding, engine of future wealth. Its the punch to the face now that pays off in five years.

First week back proves damaging for Liberals

The first week of the spring legislative sitting was a week from hell for the Liberals, and if this continues, the rumours bubbling beneath the surface will soon boil over publicly. Some of the whispers seem wild, others quite plausible.

Create another light cycle for Steveston scramble

The Editor, Re: "Scramble leaves out drivers," Letters, Feb. 15. Well thank you Mr. Bob Garnett. I guess I am not the only one who noticed this flaw in the traffic scramble set-up.

Posting toward redundancy?

The Editor, Post haste or post mortem? London's Landing is a beautiful and growing part of Richmond situated at the south end of No. 2 Road. In September 2010, I wrote to ask Canada Post if they would provide a street mailbox for London's Landing.

Big Brother's watching

There's been much comment this week on the insidious potential of the federal government's proposed Internet snooping laws.

Aim at real target, not VAFFC

The Editor, Thank you for your ongoing attention to the fascinating shenanigans behind the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation's (VAFFC) new port and jet fuel storage scheme.
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