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Kind words for palliative care unit

The Editor, The Richmond Hospital Palliative Care Unit is a very special place. Recently my wife spent the last weeks of her life in the Richmond Hospital Palliative Care Unit.

Agism at Richmond Oval?

The Editor, I am a 14-year-old Oval member. I have been a member since July 2009. Since Dec. 20, 2011, with the introduction of the new Oval parking system, my parking permit was no longer of use.

Will away political correctness

This year I received only one of those jokey "Season's Greetings" e-mails that reads like it was drafted by a team of first-year law students anxious to avoid any potential liability from wishing another person Merry Christmas.

Let yourself grieve what you need to grieve

Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. Be it the loss of a loved one, a friend or acquaintance, the time and space to honour the loss of a soul, to honour their place and meaning in your life is sacred.

Fear, panic, and TDR-TB, the new disease

Today were going to learn about Totally Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (or TDR-TB), but first were getting a history lesson.

Let's not become their prey

Do companies selling food and household products believe consumers have no eyes? Or, if they admit to eyes, do they believe consumers cannot see? Whatever the reason, these companies are having their way with us, and they are going about it very foxi

Students express expansion fears

The Editor, Is getting an expansion a good or bad thing? I am a Grade 7 student from Henry Anderson elementary.

Teachers to discuss further action

The Editor, As a teacher, I am very concerned that during 62 meetings since last June with the government's bargaining team, BCSPEA, they have offered nothing. The BCTF have dropped many of their demands in good faith.

Co-ops: The third way

The United Nations' declaration that 2012 is The International Year of the Cooperative could not be more aptly timed. There is real and palpable discontent in the land with our current systems of governance.

Bets good on accident at crowded casino

The Editor, We recently read of the fire marshall in Vancouver invoking a ban on building occupancy, limiting the number of people in a building to a safe level. Not in Richmond, though. On New Year's Eve, at about 10: 30 p.m.
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