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Teacher calls on trustees to stand up for students

An open letter to the newly elected Richmond School Trustees Dear Richmond School Trustees, Congratulations on your election victory and welcome or welcome back, for those incumbents, to the crazy world of education in the Province of British Columbi

Play the game, pay the fare

The Editor, At last, we have some idea of the cost to Richmond citizens of the "Big Oweval"! It surely is nice to know that our ever generous civic government can toss three million bucks to operate this joint, on top of the $2.

Take a 2nd look at oval

The Editor, During my tenure on city council (2005-2008), city staff presented the operating budget for the Richmond Oval which required tax payers to contribute $1 million to the operating budget for the Richmond Oval.

Ferries, province sail into rough waters

The problems and challenges facing BC Ferries go much deeper than figuring out why some of its fleet keeps slamming into docks at high speed.

Dark days lit by kindness

People should be forgiven if their level of Christmas cheer fails to match yours this time of year. Winter can be depressing. Getting up in the dark only to leave work at the end of the day facing the same blackness takes an unconscious toll.

Pray for peace and its keepers

The Editor, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. The day started early and ended with a great traditional Christmas dinner. One of the things that we enjoy is following Santa as he travels around the world on "Norad Tracks Santa.

Patient applauds hospital

The Editor, To counter the negative coverage of our health care system, I would like to cite my experience with Richmond Hospital and its cancer clinic. Last January 2010, I was quite sick and was admitted to the Richmond General.

Play smart family game

When family gatherings inspire fear and loathing in the pit of your stomach, it's probably not because of the appetizers . . . unless you're like my son and had a bad mushroom experience in early life.

Are Deltaport meetings just formality?

The Editor, Is it worth attending the next round of Port Metro Vancouver meetings on the Deltaport Terminal, road and rail improvement project? This question is the same one that one of our VAPOR (the YVR anti-jet fuel in the estuary group - also inv

Taxpayers duped again

The Editor, Re: "Tories need a tragedy before they act," Editorial, Dec. 14. I take exception to your editorial on the Attawapiskat reserve situation. The band has received $34 million of taxpayer's money each year over at least the past three years.
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