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Plan your health expenses

If you own your own business (or have amazing influence over your employer) you'll want to read on. We underestimate the high cost of health and dental expenses.

Smart meters eco-friendly

The Editor, I'm one of those people who always drives a state-of-the-art hybrid electric vehicle. I tend to keep on my dash display the energy consumption information so I can drive at the most fuel efficient rate.

BC Hydro thanks customers' patience

The Editor, I'd like to thank BC Hydro customers for their patience as we transition to a more modern electricity system.

Campbell's environment legacy lingers like skunk odor

The Editor, Have you ever passed by a place where a skunk has had an encounter? You will then know what I mean, all the participants are missing, but there is no denial that something untoward has happened.

Bring back RVs' Sani Station

The Editor, Re: "Triple AAA encourages tourism," News, April 13 I love the idea of travellers coming to our wonderful city, but has anyone taken into consideration the needs of RV travellers and the situation regarding a Sani Station - a place where

Leave Steveston village alone

Open letter to city council and Wayne Mercer, City of Richmond bylaws manager, I am writing to you to ask that you reconsider installing parking meters in Steveston. I don't like it, it won't look nice, and people are going to park wherever anyway.

Canucks loss helps small businesses

There's a little black spot on the sun. At least, that's how Canucks fans are feeling this week. The Canucks kicked butt through the regular season - they won the President's Cup. Twice.

Tories solution to backlog backwards

One of these days I'm going to write a column on my method for eating cereal that guarantees it never gets soggy. But today we're back to immigration. The federal budget cut Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) budget by three to 5.

Oval lacks community feel

Open letter to city council, As a family who has volunteered much time and has paid taxes to help build the oval, I have had much positive results using it.

Stress, an essential part of life

At one of the positive points in our lives, my childhood friend Stan said, "When I feel pain, I know I'm alive." Stress is like that. It's an unavoidable part of life.
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