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Students top priorities

Open letter to parents and guardians: Firstly, I would like to welcome you all back to a new school year - a year where we will continue to provide worldclass education and fulfill our ongoing commitment to both you and your children.

Nature Park is one of city's gems

The Richmond Nature Park has been a significant piece of the city's Parks and Open Spaces inventory since 1970.

Leaders, lead by example

The Editor, Re: "Biologist quesitons review," Letters, Sep. 2. What an excellent open letter to Mayor Brodie and councillors by biologist Otto E.

Don't call me a 'chick,' RPL

The Editor, Yesterday, at the Brighouse library, I saw a sign which shows the caricature of a woman and the word "Chicklit.

Province needs a plan

B.C.'s fixed-election-date law has always been a gimmick. The law sets a date, but also allows a premier to call an election whenever he or she feels the time is right.

Crown corps. not cash cows

The decision by the provincial government to halve the rate increase sought by B.C. Hydro is not only irresponsible, it's a rerun of the behaviour the Liberals rightly denounced an NDP government for in the 1990s.

Changing the system

The Editor, Re: "Unleash fines on dog owners." Letters, Aug. 26. I love it when young folks wade into politics. Richy Wong is correct when he expresses his concern for the absence of dog management measures in the City of Richmond.

Biologist questions review

Open letter to Mayor Brodie and Councillors, Re: Proposal by VAFFC to ship jet fuel by tankers and barges into the Fraser River estuary.

We'll keep fighting for your labour rights

Labour Day this year heralds the beginning of the B.C. Federation of Labour's second century. As we greet the dawn of our second century, the BCFED today represents more than 450,000 members across British Columbia.

Victory cost well worth it

The Editor, Re: "HST, a costly victory," Opinion, Aug. 31. Your editorial makes a good point that "taxation by referendum" is dangerous.