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Defensiveness precedes breakthroughs

I'd like to start this column with an apology to Kerry Starchuk. I still don't agree with her point of view on bringing in a bylaw requiring English on all signs in Richmond, but I didn't anticipate or intend to cause a public shaming either.

Cycling stats outdated

The Editor, Re: "Poor cycling options lowers Richmond's ranking," News, March 23. Your front page headline on March 23 does a disservice to the community you serve by printing a complete lie.

Improving Elections Canada

The Editor, Re: "What's the call on robo?" Letters, March 16.

TV filming success in Steveston

The Editor, Re: "Storybrooke filming disruptive," Letters, March 23. As long-time Richmond residents, my wife and I are regular visitors to Steveston and regular patrons of several of its shops.

What Mulcair means for British Columbians

The federal NDP has made a historic choice in Thomas Mulcair as its new leader, and it will be interesting to see how that choice affects not only B.C.'s presence in the party but also the party's strength in this province.

Instill true life penalties

The Editor, Re: "Keep death penalty dead," Letters, March 23. Never mind the death penalty. What's needed is a life penalty to toughen Canada's judicial response to all cases of capital murder by making life sentences truly mean LIFE.

Government strikes out

A century ago, workers who decided to strike were risking arrest, imprisonment and violent confrontations in the streets.

Bargain in good faith, VAFFC

The Editor, Okay. So the VAFFC has requested a second suspension of the environmental assessment of it's proposed supertanker port/holding tanks/pipeline project. And it was granted. That's the surprising part.

Keep death penalty dead

It is understandable that when we, as a society, are faced with a monstrous crime, some among us ponder capital punishment Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olson, Robert Pickton and now those accused of murdering young Tori Stafford - who hasn't considered th

Storybrooke filming disruptive

The Editor, Re: "Merchants talk village's shift into Storybrooke," Community, Feb. 15. It is great for Steveston to be on the screen, but it doesn't bring business to Steveston.