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Show some faith in Highway project

The Editor, Re: "Exhibit - nice idea only," Choice Words, Dec. 5. Contrary to the letter, I believe the Highway to Heaven project is a good project for Richmond to help further the building of stronger understanding among people of different faiths.

Questionable claims in government ads

The B.C. Liberals keep using your money to tell you what a great job they're doing managing the economy and creating jobs, but evidence keeps mounting that their claim to being financial wizards is questionable at best. First the B.C.

Plan burns green

The Editor, Richmond Council seemingly has money to burn as judged by their latest proposal to put an (asphalt) path along the Railway Green Space.

Liberals sell fairytale

One has to wonder what's going on at B.C. Liberal headquarters that has made a once politically savvy party apparently lose its mind. At the end of last month, B.C.

Thanks for Dixon craft fair success

The Editor, Another fabulous Craft Fair at Dixon elementary school has come and gone and we would like to extend a huge thank you to the amazing Richmond community for their enthusiastic support of our school and young students in our city.

Fulfilling a childhood dream in San Francisco

Although I am a fan of structures and schedules, my life never seems to go according to plan; I always end up organizing things last minute or losing my to-do list somewhere along the way.

No. 5 Rd. gives biased view

The Editor, Re: "No.5 Road, forum for understanding cultures," Letters, Dec. 12. What we have on No.

Shark fin solution: Farm-raised sharks

The Editor, A controlled source of shark fin must be found: Farm raised sharks! The perfect solution for the consumer who still wants a bowl of fin, but also wants to do the correct environmental thing. In B.C.

'Tis season to be careful

This is a particularly risky time of the year to be a pedestrian. It gets dark early, and is often pitch black outside by the time many commuters hit the road for home.

Bask in climate change, just don't have kids

Open letter to MP Alice Wong, I would like to express my pride for the great work your federal government is doing for Canadians.
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