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Taking fighting for democracy to court

The Editor, Re: "Ottawa erodes democracy," Letters, June 15. It's tax time, time to pay for the governments we have deserved.

It's yet another two-cent solution

The Editor, So behold, the mayors of this place met together, and laboured mightily.

Does city have a raccoon plan?

The Editor, Re: "Raccoon attack on cat horrifying," Letters, July 13. Yes, it is horrific to watch such an incident. And I agree with Mr. Nixon, there has been a change for our local wildlife.

Hahn's pension step too far

There's trouble below decks at B.C. Ferries and possible mutinies on the way over the scandalous pension package of ferries boss David Hahn, revealed this week to be $315,00 a year upon retirement.

Curfew would curb unruly behaviour

The Editor, I propose that the City of Richmond introduce a curfew for teens in order to combat teenage vandalism, drug use, and preventable car accidents. In San Jose, Calif.

Thanks to city, I can now 'walk'

The Editor, In light of recent events, the damage and destruction that happened in downtown Vancouver, I wanted to write a letter describing something positive that happened right here in our city of Richmond.

Garry Point turned gravel pit

The Editor, I know it probably won't make any difference, but I felt I had to comment on the sad state of Garry Point Park.

Last place finish good enough for me

My favourite sporting award isn't for a victory. Forget the Stanley Cup, a Superbowl Ring, or a World Series championship. The award I like the most is the Lanterne Rouge, the Red Lantern. And it doesn't even exist.

BCTF lost touch with public

How many people reading this are entitled to two weeks off work, with pay, because a friend has died? That type of paid leave is precisely what the B.C.

Sentencing delay a crime against taxpayers

The Editor, I find it just incredible that some seven years have passed since Debbie Judd effectively stole $175,000 from the piggy banks of children in Richmond via the RYSA and she still has not been sentenced.