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Start stopping

The Editor, All stop signs in Richmond should be removed because of lack of use. Many motorists and almost all cyclists disregard these signs and consider them a nuisance at best. Stop signs are not a suggestion.

Return sense

The Editor, Councillors Bill McNulty, Derek Dang and Ken Johnston have stated that they will be running on a platform "to return common sense to Richmond City Council.

Learn the lesson of the bad bomb

You've probably never heard of Paul Joseph Chartier, but you should have. Chartier died in 1966 in a washroom in the Centre Block of Parliament in Ottawa.

It's city centre's turn for recreation

Let staff, councilors hear our needs for community centre at forum

Job plan unrealistic in this economy

The B.C. government's new jobs "plan" has a number of good elements to it, but does anyone believe, given the calamities afflicting the world economy, that many of those new jobs will materialize soon? B.C.

Word up

The Editor, I found Sabine Eiche's recent article, "Where have the words gone?" interesting and thought provoking. And texting these days means we're not even using real words. Hope we'll hear more from Ms. Eiche in the future. Gail Watson Richmond

Residential routes best for bikes: studies

Re: "More bike lanes on the way," News, Sept. 23.

Flooding is a very real danger

The Editor, Re: "New provincial dyke standards to hurt Richmond budget," News, Sept. 23. I am very disappointed in the content and the tone of the article.

Gaming habit costs

British Columbia's addiction to gambling is continuing to reap sad stories. But despite mounting evidence that gambling expansion has created a host of social problems, the government has been slow to do anything about them. Most recently, a B.C.

Remembering police on Sunday

The Editor, "I'm worried, Sandy's not come home!" Like dozens of police family members before her and hundreds since, the wife of Chief Constable Alexander Main of the Richmond Municipal Police feared the worst. It was the morning of April 15, 1900.