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Become a more successful investor

These 10 lessons can help make you a far more successful investor: 1. Be open to learning: Science trumps salesmanship, but you dont need a degree. We dont hesitate to trust the disciplines of mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry.

Become part of 'the lovely machinery for living'

This autumn I took the Canada Line downtown for the first time. Since I usually ride my bicycle to get around, I was unprepared for the experience of public transportation.

People need meals year round

The Editor, Re: Bank feed citys body, mind and soul, News, Dec. 2. I am writing about a critical problem that concerns Canada. It is that Canada has a big shortage on food. Unfortunately, more than 2.5 million Canadians suffer from hunger.

Give street racers a track

The Editor, Unless every vehicle on the road has the authority to pull over street racers, or introduce the stiffest of penalties, there will always be someone with a powerful vehicle at the light with another provoking a challenge.

Liberals should increase corporate taxes

The B.C. government continues to spend gargantuan amounts of money, but the source of much of that money is steadily drying up. As a result, the B.C. Liberals face some stark choices: forget balancing the budget, cut spending or raise taxes.

City's priorities must undergo change

The Editor, When one checks the amazing variety of photos posted in the photo gallery of Richmonds natural beauty, you wonder how Wind Waves, a piece from the 2009 Biennale, was chosen to land in our city.

Saba loop provided safety

The Editor, Re: Unhappy resident shouldnt be allowed to hold up traffic, Letters, Dec. 2. I agree with some of Marion Smiths comments. I have been riding Richmond buses since 1971 and this is the best and most reliable service weve ever had.

Scorn for resistance leads to violence

The governments of the western world are playing a dangerous game with their people, and they don't even realize it. In the recent days, weeks, and months, we've seen discontent everywhere from Europe to North America. This is no surprise.

Polygamy law requires a quick appeal

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Bauman has confirmed Canada's polygamy law that says multiple marriages are illegal.

Unhappy resident shouldn't be allowed to hold up traffic

The Editor, Re: "Lee thanks supporters and Brodie," Letters, Nov. 25. In his letter, Richard Lee reports that, thanks to the efforts of Mayor Brodie, there will soon be a no-bus zone on Saba Road.