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Bad grammar, American spelling infuriates

The Editor, In reading the candidate statements on the citys web site and in the newspaper, I am appalled at the quality of some of the candidate for city council and especially school trustee.

Old furniture belongs in the dump, not on the streets

What to do about old, unwanted furniture, appliances and other household items? The answer should be obvious drop them off at good will, or just take them to the dump.

Money message dates back to old Italy

You probably remember the report in local newpapers at the end of September about the Royal Bank of Canada on No. 3 Road being hit by cars twice in two weeks.

Questions for candidates

The Editor, Re: "Keep Faith in Election," Letters, Oct.

Cuts harm public safety

Despite the tremendous fiscal pressure it is facing, the federal government must take a hard second look at the cost-cutting it has implemented in airline safety inspections.

Steveston scramble the right way to go

The Editor, I have been a resident of Steveston for almost 20 years, and since 2006 I have actively lobbied for change to the intersection of Moncton Street and No.1 Road.

City needs small planes

The Editor, Re: "Residents want small planes relocated," News, Nov. 9.

Oil debate heats provincial, federal politics

This province may be about to feel the impact of a squeeze play by huge energy companies and Alberta, China and Ottawa. This scenario has been building for some time, ever since Enbridge Inc. first proposed building a $6.

Be smart, sign your meter

The Editor, Re: "Anti-Smart Meter campaigners told to tell province," News, Nov. 9.

Car crashes outnumber plane crashes

Dear Editor, Re: "Residents want small planes relocated," News, Nov. 9. The small plane accidents in the last few years were tragic and devastating. However, preventing small planes from using that airspace is unwarranted.