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Fair is relative with bullies

The Editor, The B.C. government is determined to come to a fair and equitable agreement to the teacher's job action as long as it's done on their terms.

Use flashing lights on walks

The Editor, Re: "Pedestrian killed on city road, bounced from car to car," News, March 2. Another pedestrian fatality has occurred. Your article, which indicated RCMP tips, excluded an important item.

Good riddance to red blob

The Editor, What a relief it was to walk around Garry Point Park today and to find that the Big Red Blob (also known as Wind Waves) has finally left us! Now our beloved park can be restored to its former wild beauty.

Debasing democracy

We Canadians like to believe we're a different bunch than our neighbours south of the border.

Debunking myths around teachers strike

As the Great Teachers War of 2012 winds its way to a bitter conclusion, its worth brushing aside the overheated rhetoric and exploding a few myths as we watch events unfold.

It's time for gardening

March is here, and it's time to look at the garden with fresh eyes and head on out there. Because... It's time to lime. If your yard has any grass at all, it's time to apply lime and sweeten up the soil.

Education plan doesn't address realities

The Editor, I am a Richmond resident who teaches Grade 7 in Surrey at an elementary, inner city school. I have been in my current position for 10 years.

Begin to think more pink

Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day. In some other provinces, the last Wednesday of February is called Anti-Bullying Day. Its "pinkness" sprang from an incident in a Nova Scotia high school that captured national attention.

RCMP respond to priorities, local concerns

The recent spate of negative incidents involving the RCMP has been well documented in the media. This has led to public concern about the operations of the RCMP across British Columbia.

Job action not about salary

The Editor, A wage increase is not what it's about for most teachers.
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