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Parade lost its edge

The Editor, Re: "Take religion out of festival," and "Event not how it used to be," Letters, July 6. The letters reflect the views of all of the people with whom I have discussed the deterioration of the quality of the Canada Day parade.

Premier must decide

Just when the provincial government appears to be listening to our Metro mayors on the topic of financing expensive regional transportation, it would appear that Premier Christy Clark would prefer to abandon common sense in favour of pandering to the

Raccoon attack on cat horrifying

The Editor, Last Sunday night, July 3 at 11: 15 p.m. there was a knock on our door. Our household was busy that night with a sleepover in progress, popcorn popping, tv and laughing children.

Just call me King, or maybe KING

I was going to use this column to mock and belittle the ongoing fascination with the British Royal family.

Demise of paper and privacy

The venerable British tabloid The News of The World has printed its last edition.

Turning the table on city hall

The Editor, Re: "Some rules don't make sense for neighbourhood," Letters, July 6. I have to congratulate Terry Murphy and others like him on their regular letters to our local papers and do hope our mayor and council take note of their feedback.

Dilapidated building may be hazardous

Open letter to West Coast Environmental Law, I am writing to you about an issue I have worried over for some time - the dilapidation of a very old building in Steveston, ignored and now sliding into the Fraser River.

Christian tone appropriate for Canada Day parade

The Editor, RE: "Take religion out of festival," Letters, July 6. The Canada Day parade in Steveston is meant to celebrate Canada's heritage.

Other options are possible

The Editor, On July 1 at the Salmon Festival, a group of concerned citizens got together to collect signatures against the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities' proposal to set up an 80-million litre jet fuel tank farm in Richmond.

Property tax penalty unfair

The Editor, Due to Canada Post labor service halt, I just received my municipal property tax today (July 5, 2011) in my mail box, to find the due date is July 4! I called the City of Richmond and the staff on the phone insist that I am liable to pay