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Beginning of new chapter

The Editor, An ancient proverb said: "A book buried with lots of treasures." Every storybook has different scenes, characters, and endings. Each chapter takes us through something fascinating.

It's not the sky that's falling

It's a terrifying prospect: tonnes of concrete suddenly giving way and falling onto a busy commuter corridor.

Be responsible for your dog

The Editor, I am writing to send a warning message to dog owners out there who often bring their pets to MacDonald Beach Park. There is a rather irresponsible owner out there with a "not so friendly dog." It happened on B.C. Day between 11: 30 a.m.

Who is responsible for tax hikes?

The increasing demand on the pocketbooks of taxpayers is leaving the public angry and frustrated! The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) referendum is now underway to decide whether or not we go back to a PST and GST, a combination totalling 12 per cent, or

It's your city and these are the effective ways to fight for it

The Editor, Re: "How not to fight with city hall," Opinion, July 29. Helpful advice would have been a far better use of this column. I was disappointed when I read the points offered by Mr.

No help from city hall

THE EDITOR, When will the City of Richmond recognize that established policy sometimes needs to be amended for the safety of its citizens or their pets? When a raccoon attacks your pet in your backyard in broad daylight, alarms must start going off i

Fed raccoons don't attack

The Editor, Re: "Raccoon control needed," Opinion, July 29; "Raccoons attack dog," News, July 27; "Raccoon attacks on rise," News, July 22; "Cats outdoors is the problem," Letters, July 22; "Raccoons kill, drag away another cat," News, July 20; "Racc

Our economy is ok, so far

For many Canadians, watching the United States hurtle toward a financial precipice last week, it's probably difficult not to feel - in addition to detached horror - just the tiniest bit smug. This is a dangerous emotion.

Musqueam made us feel truly welcome

The Editor I often detect goodwill toward the Musqueam people when Richmond people talk about the future of the Garden City lands.

Layton leaving impacts B.C.'s NDP

The sudden and sad departure of Jack Layton from the political stage is mostly bad news for the federal NDP, but it also comes with a cost to the B.C. NDP.