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In the Community

Individuals recognized for contributions

A special ceremony was held at the Richmond Golf and Country Club last Friday to recognize more than two dozen individuals from Delta and Richmond for their selfless contributions to their communities.

Perfection isn't reality

Why do we have the idea that perfection is reality? Wanting to achieve perfection in our lives can certainly be motivating, but it can also set us up to believe we're just not good enough if we don't achieve the levels of perfection we set for oursel

Arts Council targets youth

In the last few years of its 42-year life, it's struggled and scraped, eeking out a meagre existence while trying to attract attention and funding. But the Community Arts Council of Richmond (CACR) has found a new spark of late.

Education versus teaching

If newspapers from across the continent are to be believed, much of the effort and energy meant to be expended on education is channeled into surveys, statistics and strikes.

Women need to take risks

According to RBC, women entrepreneurs are one of the fastest growing segments of the Canadian economy, contributing in excess of $18 billion to our economy annually.

The spirit of Helen keeps running

There were two nonprofit organizations that were very dear to Helen Hopkins heart the St. Josephs School of Nursing in Victoria where she graduated from back in 1963 and the Terry Fox Foundation.

Humanitarian trip inspires youth

In an unlit church in a rural area in Shiru, Kenya, is a small medical outreach clinic where Richmonds Ashley Wong spent half of her summer.

Turn to the tap of life to rejuvenate mind, body

I've spent decades dehydrated. I didn't know I was so severely parched until I started hydrating properly. The main reason I didn't realize how bad it was is because I very rarely feel thirsty.

Youth learn from summer tales

Title: The Mystery of the Hidden House Reviewed by: Raveen Dissanayake, 7 This book is about a group of five children called the five findouters who solve a mystery about a gang of thieves stealing cars and hiding them in a house hidden in the woods.

Ancient mythology alive in language

You might never have thought about them. Their names might be totally unfamiliar to you. But even after countless centuries, they're still with us - the personalities of ancient Greek and Roman mythology.