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Cadets Michelle Yang

Cadets Michelle Yang and Eric Lau, both of Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Bicknell, worked on heavy machinery aboard the Royal Canadian Navy's Patrol Class Tender vessels as part of the eight-week sea cadet marine engineer course at Her Majesty's Can

Centre educates about 'invisible' disabilities

At one time, David Thomson was a buffed provincial correctional officer by day and gentle giant to his one-year-old son Andrew by night. Today, the 46-year-old Richmondite lives with chronic pain and fatigue, and has a difficult time sleeping.

Rosewood plans ahead for aging population

Richmond's baby boomers are aging. That translates into the need for more senior care facilities. That's one of the reasons Rosewood Manor recently underwent an extensive two-year renovation project to the tune of $2.2 million.

Don't be an online Costco sample

Let's face it: Facebook stalking has pretty much become normal. One simply needs a handful of minutes to blow, a mild curiosity, and a reasonable excuse to browse through someone's photos, favourite quotations, and personal info.

School sports urged to be inclusive

Local organizations speak at schools about physical activity and disability

The pros and cons of uniforms continues to generate debate

The uniform debate periodically rears its head at the Richmond School district, but almost as soon as it emerges, it returns to its slumber once again. "We frequently have this discussion," said Richmond District superintendent Monica Pamer.

Hockey Tournament fundraiser best one yet

Family and friends came out in full force for the 8th annual Noah Yelizarov Memorial Hockey Tournament. "This one was the best one yet," said the late Noah's dad Michael Yelizarov. "What impressed me the most is the constant support of our friends.

You don't want to be perfect

Perfect is the last thing you want to be. Take my word for it. Perfect derives from the Latin "perficere," meaning to bring to an end, to finish. Once you're perfect, you've arrived at the end.

Mileage varies talking to gadgets

From Apple's iPhone to Microsoft's Xbox, we're talking more to the gadgets and devices that share our lives. Increasingly they're talking back. But here's the problem: Talking to your gadget can be a lot like talking to a well-trained dog.

Youth recommend summer reads

Princes, orphans, siblings and villagers populate young imaginations