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In the Community

Richmond men get a little hairier

Moustache Challenge fundraises for cancer research
Yard ghouls do their part for the Richmond food bank

Yard ghouls do their part for the Richmond food bank

Its like any scary movie: a garage turned into a morgue haunted by the scariest of shrieking characters, and a front lawn inhabited by zombies, witches and limbs.

Gala raised $350,000 for hospital

The 14th Annual Richmond Hospital Foundation Starlight Gala raised more than $350,000 for health care programs and patient care at Richmond Hospital and other health care services in the community.

VanCity grant helps grow Sharing Farm

The Sharing Farm received a $75,000 grant from VanCity's enviroFund to improve the farm's infrastructure and capabilities.

We Day has youth taking a stand

It might have been a gloomy rainy day, but the energy coming out of Vancouver's Rogers Arena last Thursday could have lit up the Lower Mainland, as youth brought their excitement and eagerness to make a difference to celebrate We Day.
Photos: 10th Annual Heart & Soul Dinner Dance Fundraiser

Photos: 10th Annual Heart & Soul Dinner Dance Fundraiser

Give your kids some 'wag'

I was once sitting in my car at the ferry terminal, when I saw a large group of young people arrive back from camp. It was so interesting to watch the reunion between the boys and girls and their parents.

Take necessary steps to ensure successful family business

A recent Credit Suisse survey of 280 companies across 33 countries found that family businesses have been doing well in the current market environment.

Oval to build $6million museum

Oval bosses hope a $6 million Olympic museum will be enough to convince tourists to spend more time in Richmond.

Space inside my head

I often find myself staring off into the distance, lost in thought about nothing in particular. It's a zoning out of sorts, I guess; a temporary escape to a private, quiet space in my head no one else can access.