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Olive oil the life blood of Tuscany

Last month, the Vancouver Sun published a handful of articles about choosing and using Italian olive oil.

Seedy Saturday kicks off season

Richmond Food Security Society presents the 4th annual Seedy Saturday at Terra Nova Rural Park on March 3 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. It unofficially kicks off the gardening year where gardeners purchase or trade for new seed varieties.

Tell stories that best reflect you

What's the story that has shaped your life and is it true in this moment? We all have a story or maybe several stories that have woven throughout our life that seem to define who we are and probably more importantly who we are not.

Crash test your mortgage with independent insurance

Thousands of crash test dummies have been sacrificed for the sake of our driving safety and I'm grateful every time I climb behind the wheel.

Male models join ITM contest

One of Canada's top modelling contests returns to Richmond for the eigth time this year. And this year, the River Rock Resort ITM-NSR Model Look North America for the first time wants applications from both male and female models in the contest.

Release your inner cook at home

Valentine's Day may have come and gone but it's never too late to woo your loved one. In fact, romantic dinners at home, on a regular basis, is an important ingredient for a lasting relationship.

Beware the lure of catalogues

This is a dangerous time of year for gardeners. If you are like me, you are mighty tired of the cold and the dark and are cheering for every minute of extra daylight we gain.

Richmond library launches new eBook collection

On Tuesday, Feb. 21st Richmond Public Librarys (RPL) new stand-alone eBook collection eBooks @ Your Library will go live. Powered by OverDrive, it functions like the provinces Library to Go collection, but is uniquely Richmond Librarys.

Farmer talks pros, cons of biz

Richmond may have an abundance of farmland, but it isn't always easy for new farmers to access this land. The Richmond Food Security Society hosted an evening talk at Terra Nova Rural Park on yesterday evening (Feb.

Immigration is two-way road

When my editor told me that I would get a reaction if I brought up signage in Richmond shopping malls, it proved she knows her audience. The responses were sincere and thoughtful, but there are a couple of notions that I'd like to examine further.