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Arthritis research centre hosts debate on technology and pain

A Richmond-based expert on arthritis is lauding the benefits of digital media in helping patients cope with their chronic condition. Dr.

Art exhibit inspired by open conversations

Special to the News The evolving role of women in society and the social and political milieu in which that evolution has happened is one of the issues explored in Open Conversations, an art exhibit currently showing at the Richmond Art Gallery.
Great pumpkin hunt

Great pumpkin hunt

Getting tv through the internet: availability

From the growing Netflix to iTunes, a rundown of the major sources of online content for Canadians

Electricity assoc. honours paramedics

They won silver in Europe and now they've been recognized in their home country for potentially saving the lives of people around the world.

Tough financial times requires radical surgery

In case you missed the memo, life doesn't always flow as smoothly as we expect. As a financial advisor, I've seen crisis rear its ugly head in many different ways.

Richmond filmmaker debuts at VIFF

Award-winning filmmaker Mark Ratzlaff has been best known for his short, light-hearted comedic movies.
Grateful parents aim to send dance teacher to conference

Grateful parents aim to send dance teacher to conference

Kurtis is hardly your typical dancer. Born with spastic quad cerebral palsy, the 11-year-old has been in a wheelchair all his life. He is also autistic and deaf.

Manners change lives: Vankevich

It wasn't that her children were rude, but when a Richmond mom heard about a program about manners, she signed them up.

What is behind your smile?

If someone told me in high school, that there is a thin line between sweetness and insincerity, I wouldn't have wanted to believe it.