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The learning never stops

Each of my kids in school has an agenda book in which they've been taught to write their list of homework assignments. It's a system to keep them organized -- and for parents to check up on them.

Confessions of a lice virgin

It took two weeks of scratching before the penny dropped: my son's head was infested with pediculus humanus capitis -- a.k.a. head lice.

Thai House celebrates 25 years

Looking back, Patrick Chen would have been considered quite a trailblazer in 1980. Although Richmond was home to one Chinese restaurant -- the Bamboo Grove, which opened in 1963 -- Chen offered up something that wasn't in Richmond at the time.

Logging on to solve the autism puzzle

On a typical Saturday afternoon, Paolo Puno sits at the dining room table poring over his iPad.

Back to the basics, back care

The most common causes of reported back injury among health care workers were transfers and lifts.

Where have the words gone?

I'm drinking coffee by myself in Richmond Centre and I'm eavesdropping on the people at the next table. What I hear repeated over and over again is, "You know," "I was like," and "I mean" - meaningless words that communicate nothing.
PHOTOS: Jazzy Jaspers.and other rocky delights

PHOTOS: Jazzy Jaspers.and other rocky delights

PHOTS: RCCS Children Drawing Contest

PHOTS: RCCS Children Drawing Contest

Let the sun shine in

Pathways broke depression gloom for young couple

Break routine this autumn

At the start of a new school year, our kids experience a mixture of anxiety and excitement. My daughter is just starting high school: a new school, new routines, new friends. My son experienced his last first day of school.