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In the Community

Pink Heart Club helps writer regain words

Edith Clark's eyes light up when asked about The Sardine Eater, the children's book she authored in 1992.

Will away political correctness

This year I received only one of those jokey "Season's Greetings" emails that reads like it was drafted by a team of firstyear law students anxious to avoid any potential liability from wishing another person Merry Christmas.

Former McMath student gives back in Vietnam

Karly Greczmiel will work with disabled children in Vietnam this semester

History beats hysteria

Don't dismiss past performance; it can be very relevant

Losing your thoughts, words can be a painful process

I recently read a book I think everyone should read. It is Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I heard good things about it, so when I saw it at a library sale, I scooped it up.

Christmas spending hangover

As the holiday celebrations come to an end, many of Richmond's citizens are looking at the hole burned in their wallets and are scratching their heads wondering where their extra savings went.

Adopting the two faces of Janus

When the ancient Romans chose January as the name for the first month of the year, they were honouring their god Janus, guardian of doorways (whence our word janitor, originally meaning doorkeeper).

More funding helps immigrants settle

Newcomers to Richmond will receive enhanced immigrant settlement services to help them settle into their new lives and gain employment. More than $2 million in funding for SUCCESS and Chimo Crisis Services has come in from the B.C. government.

Teddy got to see Christmas

When 17-year-old Teddy went missing in the early hours of the morning, his owner was frantic looking for the blind and partly deaf dog. After a 90-minute search, 78-year-old Anne Hudson followed the sound of barking to a water-filled ditch.

Resolutions: Say no to negativity

For all the promise of joy, peace and harmony that comes with the holiday season, the reality for millions of people is that the season is anything but a celebration.