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Pink doc leaves out crucial group

The Editor, Re: Film questions where those pink dollars go, Entertainment, Feb. 1. As a breast cancer survivor, and an avid volunteer of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, I watched with interest the premiere of Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Writer gets to the root of why hair stands on end?

Some months ago, while riding my bike, I was surprised by a very small dog with a very loud bark. Amazingly, I shuddered and felt my hair rising.

B.C. Liberals only have time on their side

The B.C. government is receiving a lot of kudos over its decision last week to aggressively push for liquefied natural gas plants and to wean BC Hydro off private power producers.

Chinese-only signs too few to count

The Editor, Re: Sign language reflects business, Community, Jan. 27. The local media and a few fellow Richmondites are attempting to stir up the debate on Chinese-only signs again.

Multiculturalism hasn't failed

The Editor, Re: Were falling victims to the PC virus, Letters, Feb. 1. In his letter, Edward Bopp characterizes multiculturalism as an abysmal failure, citing the examples of countries like Britain, Holland, Germany and Australia.

Tax in disguise, YVR fee

The Editor, Re: Airport improvement fee takes off, News, Jan. 27. A tax is a tax by any other name regardless of the nomenclature trying to disguise it.

Gateway's stage is for all

The Editor, Re: Gateways new director plans to target Richmonds Asian connection, News, Feb. 3. I greatly enjoyed the chance to speak with the News last week.

Pay respect to those who raised you

Care homes can be lonely places with no visitors to look forward to

Cut MP 'top ups' not OAS

AN OPEN LETTER TO KERRY-LYNNE FINDLAY, While watching a news program on TV, a Conservative MP was questioned about the PM's comment on changing the age to receive Old Age Security (OAS).

Climate change could sink YVR

The Editor, Re: "Richmond protest group plans rally outside open house", News, Jan. 28. Recently, the European Union imposed a carbon tax on all international flights entering and leaving their jurisdiction.
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