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Hydro cuts could worsen service

One of the first thoughts to cross my mind as I read a government panel report of BC Hydro operations was "why aren't more of these produced?" The Hydro report provides a great glimpse into the inner workings of the huge Crown corporation, and bared

Canada Line able to cope

The Editor, "TransLink too shortsighted in transit plan," Letters, Aug. 12. The letter from L. Haudin in your Aug. 12 edition states that the design of the Canada Line hinders an expansion of service on the system.

Gangs ruin nice, quiet year

For a while there, it was looking as if the RCMP and IHIT had everything in hand. In 2009, the first three months of the year were marked with so many violent incidents they began to blur together.

No computer means no ferry schedules

The Editor, Very few people are aware the BC Ferry Corporation has decided to completely eliminate printing ferry schedules. I had read about it in the middle of a newspaper article.

Promoting harmony in Richmond

The Editor, Richmond Chinese Community Society (RCCS) has been serving this community since 1989. This non-profit organization does a great job in reaching out to the citizens of Richmond.

Garry pier: What's the Point?

The Editor, The City of Richmond and its core of volunteers should be commended for the high quality of this year's Maritime Festival.

City blows hot 'n' cold

The Editor, Kudos to the artistic soul who designs the absolutely lovely median plantings, especially the ones around the intersection of No. 2 and No. 3 roads and Westminster Highway.

Monsters stranger than fiction

Since the stock markets are on fire metaphorically, and London and Syria and Libya are on fire literally, I thought I'd try to find something uplifting to write about this week. So I'm going to write about giant squids.

TransLink too shortsighted in transit plans

TransLink is patting themselves on the back for announcing they will be adding two extra trains per hour during rush hours in order to serve the ever-growing number of people using this line.

Call of wild trumps Wi-Fi

AHHH August. Time to pack up the tent, the cooler, camp stove, the smartphone and laptop and head out into the wilderness. Or . . . maybe not quite so fast.