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Poverty needs to end

The Editor, Re: "Friend's need inspires girl," News, July 20.

Ilich's kindness will be missed

Dear Mrs. Ilich; All of us at the Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club would like to extend our condolences to you and your family for the loss of your husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and philanthropist. Both you and Mr.

Cats outdoors is the problem

The Editor, Re: "Raccoons kill, drag away another cat," News, July 20. "Does city have a raccoon plan?" Letters, July 20. "Raccoon attack on cat horrifying," Letters, July 13.

Falcon nervous amid economic woes

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon seems to have suddenly become very nervous.

It's raining, not flooding

Libyan revolution. Syrian death squads. Sudanese war crimes. Somalian famine. American debt crisis. Yes, those are just a few of the topics you'll find if you cruise around Google news headlines this week.

No respite from noise on holiday

The Editor, I was looking forward to a respite on Canada Day from the construction noise I am surrounded by at the moment with three new houses being built around me.

Letter: Construction obscures city's beauty

The Editor, Recently, there has been construction work near my neighbourhood. In the mornings, I don't need my alarm clock because the construction uproar is impossible not to hear.

Taking fighting for democracy to court

The Editor, Re: "Ottawa erodes democracy," Letters, June 15. It's tax time, time to pay for the governments we have deserved.

It's yet another two-cent solution

The Editor, So behold, the mayors of this place met together, and laboured mightily.

Does city have a raccoon plan?

The Editor, Re: "Raccoon attack on cat horrifying," Letters, July 13. Yes, it is horrific to watch such an incident. And I agree with Mr. Nixon, there has been a change for our local wildlife.