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Pay parking will scare tourists away

The Editor, Re: "Get your twoonies out," News, July 27.

Raccoon control needed

The Editor, Re: "Raccoons attack dog," News, July 27. At the beginning of this year, I heard a loud knocking on my glass patio door. I went to see what it was and as usual, it was my cat wanting to come in.

How not to fight with city hall

The tail end of July is traditionally the sleepy season for politics. We can expect a month off from council meetings in most communities.

Blocks slowed down speeding drivers

The Editor, This evening I watched as new family home owners removed the cement barrier they had put up around the edging of their property at Cantrell and Calders roads. I went and asked the gentleman why he was doing so.

Where is the local traffic enforcement?

The Editor, Has anyone but me noticed the rampant disregard for our speed limits? I, for one, drive for a living and encounter all forms of speeding on a daily basis.

Addicts need housing, too

The Editor, During the past few weeks I have read many negative letters criticizing how terrible it is that the government is opening a recovery house in the local area.

Parties may suffer as taxes pile on

The tax revolt that appears to be simmering in this province has the potential to turn the provincial political scene on its head, with serious ramifications for our two main parties and the interest groups that support them.

Don't build on Terra Nova Park

The Editor, Terra Nova Park is only a tiny sliver of Richmond's total area.

He made dreams come true

The Editor, Milan Ilich has been called a man who made dreams a reality. Certainly for the Richmond Caring Place he was that and more.

Salaries rising too high

April is supposed to be the cruelest month, but for local taxpayers, it might just be July.