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In the Community

Asian market permanence seen in Richmond facility

Tolko Industries has opened the largest lumber reload centre in B.C., but the products being loaded into containers at the Richmond site are not bound for B.C.'s traditional markets in the U.S. - they are all going overseas to Asia.

Get job boards to work for you

Are you looking for work, but have run out of places to apply? A free seminar on Job Boards and How to Use Them will be offered on Sept. 20 from 10 a.m. to noon in the Learning Place at the Brighouse (Main) Branch, 7700 Minoru Gate.

Woman writes personal, practical guide to divorce

It's a common tale of strength and perseverance, further perpetuated by the movies and TV shows: A longstanding marriage ends after the man chooses to leave for one reason or another, leaving the woman alone.

City offers grant writing workshops

If your experience filling out grant applications is limited or your previous applications have been less successful than you'd like, this workshop will take you through the basics of articulating a compelling case for your projects, creating a reali

City centre cop shop opens doors with crime prevention series

Richmond's newest community police station has opened, right in the heart of the city centre.

Landlords and tenants unite

Richmond Rental Connect (RRC) will be holding a workshop for tenants and secondary suit landlords in an attempt to help them work together.

It's so easy to get words wrong

When I learned to speak English as a child, my main bugbear was pronunciation, not vocabulary. When I moved to Florence and learned Italian, my biggest problem was coming out with the right word at the right time.

Sounds of Kiev Symphony hit city

One of the best symphony orchestras in the world is coming to Richmond next week. The Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will perform at the Bethany Baptist Church next Monday, Sept. 17 on the sixth leg of its Western Canadian tour.

Nerdy girls can longboard too

My family thought I was crazy the afternoon I informed them that I had just purchased a longboard online. Their jaws dropped, and for a few long moments, silence was the very awkward visitor in the kitchen.

A safer way to manage passwords

I have more than 80 passwords for various sites including email accounts, shopping sites and online forums. That's a lot of passwords, but no two are the same. And I know none of them by memory.