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A rabbit tale, minus the fluff

The Editor, Many residents of Richmond, as well as visitors, may recognize the following scene as a familiar one. Picture Minoru Park: a lush, beautiful, idyllic, oasis of nature in the middle of an urban community.

Council needs to adapt

The Editor, Last month a technician knocks on my door saying he was here to install a smart meter. He took off the old meter and found he could not replace the old one.

Council lacks common sense

The Editor Linda McPhail, "I'm ready to deliver common sense," will join Richmond First in their bid for election in the upcoming municipal election. Apparently there hasn't been any up until now.

Gardens help community wellness

The Editor, Re: "Join me in the Garden City," Letters, Sept. 14. In Michael Wolfe's comments about stewardship of the Garden City Lands, I love the emphasis on the community wellness of Richmond's city centre where the lands are located.

Attack ads boomerang

"Just what we need, another unprincipled politician." That line was aimed like a dagger at the heart of the B.C. Conservative Party. But it may be more like a boomerang, coming back to smack the ruling provincial Liberals.

B.C. NDP doesn't share federal success

Federal NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp's recent visit to B.C. served as a reminder that the sudden success of the party at the national level presents a potential downside for the provincial wing.

Don't politicize OBC

The Editor, It is no wonder that the selection of former premier Gordon Campbell, Ken Dobell and David Emerson for the Order of British Columbia (OBC) has caused such a controversy. The OBC is a great honour.

Paving the way for election

The Editor, I see the City of Richmond has elected to pave another perfectly smooth section of Steveston Highway, just east of No. 2 Road. That could mean only one thing, a municipal election is nigh! Jack Wolman Richmond

Watch out for the kids

The Editor, On behalf of the Richmond Board of Education, I am pleased to welcome our students and families back to what promises to be another positive and productive school year.

Face the truth, it's Layton

The Editor, Re: "Unwanted Bienniale art shopped on the road," News, Sept. 14. Here's a suggestion to Canadianize the Vladimir Lenin statue in Richmond. Just put a sign on it calling it the "Jack Layton Memorial.
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