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Bad choice for front page

The Editor, I am again shocked that a family newspaper seems to delight in putting all the dreadful news on their front page, such as, "Baseball bat thugs beat teens" and "Camera pervert exposed," News, Oct. 21.

Tricks, no treats for pets

It's nearly time for the creepy side of all of us to assert itself. And you've already probably heard some noisy fireworks off in the distance. This is a tough time for pets.

Dix proves to be worthy opponent

He's still not as well known as his chief opponent, but NDP leader Adrian Dix has quietly established himself as a much tougher and capable foe than B.C. Liberals thought they would be squaring off against just a few months ago.

Focus on little things, city

The Editor, It is sad to hear that council veteran Greg Halsey-Brandt is leaving council.

Hockey adds to Canada's melting pot

There's been a lot of stories in the news lately about immigration, again. Really, having a lot of stories about immigration in Canada means it's a day that ends in a Y. Also common on days that end in Y? Stories about hockey.

Smart meter does more harm

Open letter to BC Hydro/ Corix, When it comes to the Smart Meter Program, I can feel my blood pressure rise.

Keep faith in election

It was with a somewhat heavy heart that we listened to longtime MP, former Richmond mayor and MLA Greg Halsey-Brandt explain why he won't be seeking re-election in the Nov. 19 civic election.

Thief inflicted family pain

Last Friday evening I was at the Brighouse Library having a great time talking to staff and my children were happily looking at books.

Vote for change at this year's election

THE EDITOR, I was surprised to read in a local daily that our mayor and the councillors refused to commit to reduce property taxes when a commitment for reduction of property taxes was sought by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business based i

Occupy Canada's cause questionable

If the recent Occupy protests sent any kind of message, it is this: Canada is a much more comfortable and safer place to be than most any other country.
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