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Occupiers need focus

In recent weeks, liberal-minded people from across the continent have flocked to America's - and now Canada's - financial capitals to demand, well, something.

Good to grow rental options

The Editor, Re: "Densification destroys neighbourhoods: Day," News, Sept. 28. I was disappointed to see this headline. In this article, city council hopeful Carol Day is quoted as taking issue with coach houses and granny flats on single-family lots.

One arrow altered our language

This week Englishspeakers around the world should mark an important anniversary. On Oct. 14, 1066, a French viking killed an English king and altered the course of our language forever.

Does Clark have a smart meter?

The Editor, Re: "Anti-smart meter drive picks up pace," News, Oct. 12. I am against the smart meter after speaking to some concerned parents in the Burnaby area with these types of meters already installed.

What is that darn smell?

The Editor, Why does the air in Richmond reek? Often early in the morning the smell in the air wakes me up. When the wind is from the East the acrid smell hurts the back of my throat and makes my eyes water.

Plan to keep family alive

Do you have an evacuation plan to get your family out of your home safely, in the event a fire breaks out? Do you have a special place picked out - not too far from the house, but far enough for assured safety - where everyone will meet, so you can c

It's not alright, all right

The Editor, Re: "Gritting my teeth over words," Letters, Oct. 12. With regards to the sentence "When referring to an object, anything that is not human, it is alright to use "that.

Create more than election buzz

The Editor, With the impending civic election, we are seeing more of the same old buzz words. I like "population densification." It means more people in a smaller space.

Big changes blowing in education wind

The recent Throne Speech signaled that big changes lie ahead for B.C.'s public education system, and these will likely dwarf anything seen in recent memory.

A special Thanksgiving Day rabbit tale to tell

The Editor, Re: "A rabbit's tale, minus the fluff," Letters, Sep. 23.
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