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Hockey adds to Canada's melting pot

There's been a lot of stories in the news lately about immigration, again. Really, having a lot of stories about immigration in Canada means it's a day that ends in a Y. Also common on days that end in Y? Stories about hockey.

Smart meter does more harm

Open letter to BC Hydro/ Corix, When it comes to the Smart Meter Program, I can feel my blood pressure rise.

Keep faith in election

It was with a somewhat heavy heart that we listened to longtime MP, former Richmond mayor and MLA Greg Halsey-Brandt explain why he won't be seeking re-election in the Nov. 19 civic election.

Thief inflicted family pain

Last Friday evening I was at the Brighouse Library having a great time talking to staff and my children were happily looking at books.

Vote for change at this year's election

THE EDITOR, I was surprised to read in a local daily that our mayor and the councillors refused to commit to reduce property taxes when a commitment for reduction of property taxes was sought by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business based i

Occupy Canada's cause questionable

If the recent Occupy protests sent any kind of message, it is this: Canada is a much more comfortable and safer place to be than most any other country.

Occupiers need focus

In recent weeks, liberal-minded people from across the continent have flocked to America's - and now Canada's - financial capitals to demand, well, something.

Good to grow rental options

The Editor, Re: "Densification destroys neighbourhoods: Day," News, Sept. 28. I was disappointed to see this headline. In this article, city council hopeful Carol Day is quoted as taking issue with coach houses and granny flats on single-family lots.

One arrow altered our language

This week Englishspeakers around the world should mark an important anniversary. On Oct. 14, 1066, a French viking killed an English king and altered the course of our language forever.

Does Clark have a smart meter?

The Editor, Re: "Anti-smart meter drive picks up pace," News, Oct. 12. I am against the smart meter after speaking to some concerned parents in the Burnaby area with these types of meters already installed.
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