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Seniors help seniors at Courtyard Gardens

The Editor, What began as a great idea of giving, is growing into beautiful random acts of kindness by seniors who truly care.

Where there's charity, there's humanity

June of 1971 was a time of revelations for me. I was in Florence, enrolled in the University of B.C.s summer school. When you travel by train, said one of our teachers. Ride in the lowest-class carriage.

PriceSmart not so smart with parking plan

As many people know, Save-On-Foods on Ackroyd Road has undergone major renovations and changed the name to PriceSmart, but still under the same ownership. Ive shopped at this Save-On for years and was quite happy with the store and staff.

Liberals should increase corporate taxes

The B.C. government continues to spend gargantuan amounts of money, but the source of much of that money is steadily drying up. As a result, the B.C. Liberals face some stark choices: forget balancing the budget, cut spending or raise taxes.

City's priorities must undergo change

The Editor, When one checks the amazing variety of photos posted in the photo gallery of Richmond's natural beauty, you wonder how Wind Waves, a piece from the 2009 Biennale, was chosen to land in our city.

Give street racers a track

The Editor, Re: "Former street racer helps anti-racing program," News, Dec. 2.

Saba loop provided safety

The Editor, Re: "Unhappy resident shouldn't be allowed to hold up traffic," Letters, Dec. 2. I agree with some of Marion Smith's comments. I have been riding Richmond buses since 1971 and this is the best and most reliable service we've ever had.

L'état c'est moi, Harper

After the number of election campaigns Stephen Harper has been through, you would think he understood that the people of Canada are his boss, not the other way around.

Poor people need meals all year round, not just at Christmas

The Editor, Re: "Bank feed city's body, mind and soul," News, Dec. 2. I am writing about a critical problem that concerns Canada. It is that Canada has a big shortage on food. Unfortunately, more than 2.5 million Canadians suffer from hunger.

Become a more successful investor

These 10 lessons can help make you a far more successful investor: 1. Be open to learning: Science trumps salesmanship, but you dont need a degree. We dont hesitate to trust the disciplines of mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry.
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