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Why remove blackberries?

The Editor, Apparently the members of city council believe there are too many songbirds in Richmond.

Clark blames the name

Perhaps she was just thinking out loud and the whole thing got away from her? Premier Christy Clark's suggestion to, as she said last week, "be considering and actively debating a name change in our party" has got to be the answer to every political

Dim down light pollution

The Editor, Light pollution, ever heard of it? It is when artificial light is cast into the night sky diminishing the view of space for citizens and astronomers alike. Light pollution can also be classified as the use of excess and unnecessary light.

Healthy ways to approach stress

When it comes to our physical and emotional wellbeing, how we cope with the circumstances of our lives is as important as the circumstances themselves.

Is Capstan station really necessary?

The Editor, Re: "Capstan funds skytrain station," News, May 9. First they got rid of competitive Sports Days, then ParticipAction, now they feel the need to build a Capstan Station (one block from Aberdeen Station).

Government ignores WHO

The Editor, Re: "Fact vs. fiction in smart meter debate," Letters, May 4. Lest anyone be confused, remember that Linda Reid works for the Liberals, just like Rich Coleman and the provincial medical officer.

Don't take mom's love for granted

You're the one to raise me, You're the one to kiss me and hug me, From the day I came, you loved and cared for me to no end, I used to upset you for some treats before the age of 10, Mom always patiently trying to please me with her loving hands.

Napoleon to 20-sided dice: Brief history

Some friends and I gathered to play a friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons last week, and it's made me think of the debt that nerds like myself owe to the man who helped create our sport.

Think future generations

The Editor, Open letter to council, I offer a few observations that will be helpful in making decisions that have far-reaching consequences. Some of the claims you will undoubtedly hear and questions related to them: 1.

Welcome mat looks worn

The Editor, The tourist season is here again. Being a resident of east Richmond it is most frustrating to observe the deplorable condition of the entrance to east Richmond.
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