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We'll keep fighting for your labour rights

Labour Day this year heralds the beginning of the B.C. Federation of Labour's second century. As we greet the dawn of our second century, the BCFED today represents more than 450,000 members across British Columbia.

Victory cost well worth it

The Editor, Re: "HST, a costly victory," Opinion, Aug. 31. Your editorial makes a good point that "taxation by referendum" is dangerous.

Mayor sheds light on memorial for Mander

The Editor, Re: "Memorial for Mander," News, Aug. 26. I wish to clarify and correct the information that was included in your recent story on a statue being donated to the City of Richmond by the family of Ned Mander.

More to Royal than a title

The Editor, Re: "Be loyal to the Royal," Letters, Aug. 24. Mr. Orrick's letter was an excellent explanation of how unification of the three forces meant so much more than a name change and a standardized uniform.

HST referendum proof of a divided B.C

More than anything, the result of the referendum on the HST shows just how neatly divided this province remains. Our electorate has been known over the years for its polarization. We are a 50-50 province. When the HST was introduced in B.C.

HST: A costly victory

The hated HST is dead. Soon its equally unloved cousin, the PST, will be dug up and pressed back into service.

Lift your voices, raise our hopes

The Editor, Re: "Sockeye fishery open, but only just," News, Aug. 12.

Layton and the mythical power

How will we be remembered when we die? Not planning to die anytime soon, I haven't given this much thought beyond a few basics. (I'd like to be remembered as a quiet, boring type famous for living to a great age.

Jack united the people

Canada lost a political heavyweight with the death of Jack Layton this week. The leader of the federal New Democratic Party was sometimes controversial, often outspoken and always respected.

Bike park brush off was scary

The Editor, On Monday, Aug. 15 at 7: 30 p.m., my husband and I were watching our eightyear-old son Sidney take his first run down the easy slope at the bike park at the foot of No. 2 Road. What happened next was horrifying.