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Pedestrians dodge danger

The Editor, I would like to bring to your attention that on garbage days I have noticed people put their garbage bins out very neatly, and not on the sidewalks in the way of pedestrians.

Ilich quietly made our city better

Richmond lost one of its most generous citizens with the death of Milan Ilich last week.

What constitutes contribution?

Canada's war in Afghanistan -- the "armed conflict" that no politician or general wanted to label a war -- came to an end Tuesday with the transfer of battle command to U.S. units at Ma'sum Ghar.

Location needs fine-tuning

The Editor, Re: "Market steals away shoppers say local merchants," News, July 6.

Event not how it used to be

The Editor, As someone who's attended every single Salmon Festival for the last 20 years, I've sadly witnessed an unmistakeable steady decline in the overall quality of the event.

Success thanks to community

The Editor, Thank you for your recent full-colour spread of Gateway Theatre's annual fundraising "pARTy" and for reporting on the vitality of the arts and artists in our community.

Liberals cautious on fall election

Speculation abounds that Premier Christy Clark is itching to call an election this fall, but I can't help but think the chances of that vote actually occurring are diminishing.

Will, Kate easy distraction

Try as you might to ignore it, the news has been all about William and Kate's visit. Not since Paul Revere galloped through Massachusetts have so many gotten so worked up over the arrival of some British people.

Take religion out of festival

The Editor, It was with great excitement that I looked forward to attending the Steveston Salmon Festival on July 1, along with my partner and our many children.

Some rules don't make sense for neighbourhood

The Editor, Now we have bylaw officers spending days visiting homes in our centrally located neighbourhood, which lacks curbs and sidewalks.