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An end to online privacy? No problem!

Vic Toews, Canadas public safety minister, recently issued a blunt declaration about his new Internet spying bill. Anyone who opposes Bill C-30 can either stand with us or with the child pornographers, Toews declared. Well, to reassure Mr.

Crash test your mortgage with independent insurance

Thousands of crash test dummies have been sacrificed for the sake of our driving safety and I'm grateful every time I climb behind the wheel.

Dangerous time for gardeners

"The difference between truth and a fairytale is what you see in the photograph in a seed catalogue and what comes up in your garden." -Deb, South Dakota This is a dangerous time of year for gardeners.

Dealing with court crisis

There's an old joke among engineers: Faster, better, cheaper - pick two. That's the core of the crisis that's facing B.C.

Scramble leaves out drivers

The Editor, I was so looking forward to the new scramble only to find out that they've made the situation worse. Cars can't move because of people. I assumed no pedestrians would be allowed to cross during car cycles.

Numbers not the issue

The Editor, Re: "Chinese-only signs too few to count," Letters, Feb. 8. I think Mr. Lim completely misses the point here. The issue here is not how many Chinese-only signs are in display today in the city.

ET views love on planet Earth

The Editor, As an extra-terrestrial visitor to planet Earth, I wanted to learn how love is practiced by its inhabitants. I first turned to the media where it appeared that love had something to do with giving gifts, particularly on Feb. 14.

Pipeline process ignores safest option

The Editor, The letter by John Winters of the BC Chamber of Commerce shows he has become a lapdog of the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation (VAFFC).

Clark can redeem herself

The Editor, I have a lot of respect for Christy Clark and believe she deserves a break from all the criticism she has been receiving lately.

Clark needs 'wedge' issue to separate NDP

There wasnt a lot to chew on from Premier Christy Clarks five-minute radio address this week, but she did signal a looming showdown on an issue that has the potential to right her governments sinking ship.