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Don't get 'grinched' at the pumps

During the busy Christmas holiday, motorists can't control the price of gas, but they can keep from getting "grinched" by following a few simple steps from Be Car Care Aware.
Photos: Kick-off to Christmas in Steveston

Photos: Kick-off to Christmas in Steveston

Norway: Humble, yet breathtaking

Rugged is putting it mildly when it comes to 80 per cent of Norway. Historically, it was a challenge to live here. That's why Vikings ventured south and so many emigrants left for America. But I find excuses to return to Norway almost annually.

Leading causes of blindness

Three million Canadian seniors, or 82 per cent of the population aged 65 and older reported vision problems in 2003, according to data from the Canadian Community Health Survey.

Focusing on flexibility

Besides establishing a cardiovascular base and doing resistance/strength workouts, it's important to stretch our muscles (and our minds). You can do a do-it-yourself stretch routine by following the exercises below.

Lemmings have it right, diversify

The lemming gets a bad rap! Common error says that these arctic rodents commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs to drown in the ocean below.

New X5 doesn't skimp on rear power

"Our friends think you're nuts to drive in Europe," said my wife. "How are we going to find our way around, especially on those narrow city streets? We don't speak the language and they drive fast.

Richport gives back to the community

In 1972, Bill Hanbury opened the doors to Richport Ford Lincoln on No.3 Road. He believed in offering an outstanding product and outstanding customer experience each and every time. His commitment continues today.
Photo Gallery- Pumpkin Carving

Photo Gallery- Pumpkin Carving

Photos: Pumpkin patch time!

Photos: Pumpkin patch time!

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