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Bystanders' brave actions define community

The Editor, I was involved with the airplane crash last week. On Oct. 27, at approximately 4:20 p.m., I was cycling southbound on Russ Baker Way on Sea Island at the time the incident involving Northern Thunderbird flight 204.

Upgrade to Government 3.0

The Editor, Re: "Occupiers need focus," Letters, Oct. 19 I agree that a single focus needs to be articulated.

Deaf's 911 calls must be heard

The Editor, I love election time because it is the only time when politicians are forced to examine issues that are important to the voters. Here is one: access to 911 services.

Bad science makes bad television

I should stop watching TV. I really need to cut down on the time I spend banging my head on the coffee table and shaking with rage. Now, it's not bad acting or bad writing or even cheap reality shows that drive me to madness. It's bad science.

Wards might be way to go

The Editor, Re: "Keep faith in election," Opinion, Oct. 21. There ain't nuthin' in our council in which to keep faith, but it is fortunate that Greg Halsey-Brandt blew the whistle on council.

Tory action risks safety

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new chapter for Canadian public safety. For the Conservative Party of Canada, starting a new chapter means ripping out all the previous pages and burning them.

Occupiers make a point

THE EDITOR, Re: "Occupiers need focus," Letters, Oct. 19 You are not focusing on the big picture, if you think the occupiers are without focus. They are bringing awareness and clarity to the unsustainable way of doing everything in today's society.

Put students first

THE EDITOR, In September, when I returned to my secondary school, I didn't expect the job action to affect our learning or to go very far.

Feeling the election frustration

THE EDITOR, It's municipal election time again and with it comes the hard-won right for men and women to vote - and for men and women to seek office as independents or on some "party" slate.

Disillusioned challenges city

THE EDITOR, I'm sure I represent many voters when I state that I'm disillusioned with the state of affairs in Richmond! The departure of one of our most respected councillors has just reinforced my feelings with his parting remarks.
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