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Time to evacuate troops

At the time, invading Afghanistan may have seemed like the right thing to do. It was the base for a flurry of murderous terrorist attacks and was ruled by a brutal band of zealots who would sooner see a woman dead than in school.

Share, help others less fortunate

The Editor, I am writing this letter as an appreciation to Richmond Shares for their incredible work for the less fortunate and for those more anxious about their tomorrow.

What's the call on robo?

Open letter to Alice Wong, MP, Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to deny the call for an independent investigation of the robocalls that were placed in the last federal election.

You all made Saturday so super seedy for us

The Editor, On behalf of the Richmond Food Security Society, I'd like to thank the Richmond public for making our 4th annual Seedy Saturday such a huge success.

It's all for the children

The whole situation would be laughable, if it weren't so tragic. It's hard to determine whether the education labour dispute is being orchestrated according to an incredibly intricate plan that defies understanding by ordinary minds.

Yesterday's future was much more fun

I have this personal theory that the future is on an upswing right now. Take your phone out of your pocket and take a look at it.

Public whiners are two-faced

The Editor, Re: "Stop $200 million private school subsidies," Letters, March 9.

Reform Senate, get rid

CANADA'S Senate is one of the strangest institutions that could exist in a modern democracy. It vastly over-represents some parts of the country and brutally shortchanges others.

Our hard-working teachers need to move with times

The Editor, Re: "Teaching becomes more than 9-5 job," Letters, Feb. 29. In reading the letter by Wendy McDonnell, I have a greater appreciation for the work that our teachers do on a daily basis.

Communication breaks down with Telus

I must admit I have mixed emotions when it comes to telecommunications giant Telus. On the one hand, I pay them a lot of money. Every month. This modern age of home phones, office phones, cell phones, kids' cell phones -.
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