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City ignores artists as vital part of community

The Editor, Re: Rent hikes threaten arts and crafts groups, News, Dec. 9. Ted Townsend said, Most of the user groups are comfortable with the charges.

Remember definition of hate, find alternatives

The Editor, Re: Election victory for Garden City Lands, News, Dec. 2. In a landmark case in 1990, the Supreme Court of Canada defined hate as unusually strong and deep-felt emotions of detestation, calumny and vilification.

City forgets artists' roles

The Editor, Re: Rent hikes threaten arts and crafts groups, News, Dec. 9. Many long-time arts and crafts organizations are struggling to cover rent hikes that have already occurred.

Kids, we killed Frosty

It's been a tough week for the human race. As officials from the world's nations gather in the sunny resort town of Durban, the consensus is that nothing will be done to avert or even lessen the effects of climate change.

Face it folks, poverty lives here

The Editor, Re: "Offshore dollars pose possible cause to poverty rates," Letters, Nov. 30. I read with amazement the Nov.

Seniors help seniors at Courtyard Gardens

The Editor, What began as a great idea of giving, is growing into beautiful random acts of kindness by seniors who truly care.

Wordsmith speaks to value of change

The Editor, As a resident of Richmond in the early 1960s through the late 70s when I moved to Vancouver, I have fond memories of Brighouse when there was still a cow pasture at Cook and No. 3 Road.

Start feeling alive

We often think of spiritual awakening as the culmination of many years of ascetic practice. It may be thought of as a point of no return. After experiencing the insights of this awakened state, we are forever transformed.

CEOs do things 174 times better?

How would you like to be paid 10 times your current salary? That would be pretty sweet, right? You could pay off the mortgage, top up the kids' university fund, put away for retirement, replace the car with the funny engine noise with a new model.

PriceSmart not so smart with parking plan

As many people know, Save-On-Foods on Ackroyd Road has undergone major renovations and changed the name to PriceSmart, but still under the same ownership. I've shopped at this Save-On for years and was quite happy with the store and staff.