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There is no such thing as a bad job

The Editor, Re: "Jim Flaherty finds a well of stupid," Column, May 18.

Attend relay for cancer while you can

Cancer is a monster. That's about the nicest thing I can say about it. I have a choice selection of four-letter words at my disposal, but this is a family paper.

GM crops shouldn't be feared

The Editor, This subject generates a great deal of emotion in some groups. That is completely understandable as there is a huge international campaign to generate that fear. Unfortunately, facts rarely alleviate that fear.

Steal from poor, give to rich?

The Editor, I have read about TransLink's governing bodies getting great stipends, TransLink management getting swollen bonuses, and the transit police and their inflated overtime budget - their hourly rate is higher than municipal police and RCMP.

Future value dismantled

Economists have always had difficulty trying to put an actual value on the future. They can crunch data to estimate what the value of an item or a commodity might be at a future date.

Cedar tree poaching becomes metaphorical

To blame funding cuts for the high-profile poaching of an 800-year-old western red cedar this month is something of a stretch, but the incident nonetheless serves neatly as a metaphor for our government's approach to the environment.

Good luck to Raiders in playoffs

The Editor, A word of appreciation for all the Hugh Boyd Trojans' and Richmond Raiders' coaches, trainers, parents, supporters, officials and the City of Richmond: "It's better to build a boy than mend a man." Good work.

Claxton hits nail on head

The Editor, Re: "Jim Flaherty finds a deep well of stupid," Column, May 18. The article by Matthew Claxton, is truly of the highest calibre.

Smart meters not so toxic

The Editor, Re: "Government ignores WHO," Letters, May 11. The author of the letter may be confused between a substance that is toxic versus carcinogenic.

Tyranny of common knowledge

Investors have once again proven they are not smarter than the market. There is no shame in this, as the talking heads of the business media have proven the same.
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