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Why we need a Richmond police force

It's been reported that Richmond is considering a new police force that will take over from the RCMP.

Remember Richmond's motto

The Editor, Re: "Coun. seeks snow geese cull," News, Nov. 21.

Apology to library card seekers

The Editor, Re: "Online trumps in person," Letters, Nov. 30. Mr. Ligtenberg is right - this was poor customer service and we apologize.

Bad call on snow geese cull

Open letter to mayor and council, My home backs onto one of the elementary school yards, and I am absolutely thrilled when the snow geese arrive each winter and the fields are covered with beautiful white birds.

They say good hosts make bad guests

A friend's claim that good hosts make bad guests, and vice versa, left me feeling skeptical. I started to watch for signs of this pattern.

Holiday misspell ironic

The Editor, Re: "They aren't holidays for all," Letters, Nov. 30.

Government needs to put money where its mouth is

Open letter to John Yap, MLA Richmond-Steveston and Minister of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology, I am writing you both as a constituent of the Richmond-Steveston riding and a fulltime second-year student of the geomatics engineering pro

Finance Minister gambles with budget

Finance Minister Mike de Jong should perhaps watch more of those competitive poker TV shows, because it looks like he's playing his budget hand all wrong right now.

Nestle Challenges Pro-tap water school cmpaign

The Editor, Re: "Bottle current flows faster," News, Nov. 30. I read with interest the article written by Benjamin Yong.

Should you get a Windows 8 computer?

Reader asks if touchscreen is essential for Microsoft's operating system
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