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A fond farewell to Wind Waves

The Editor, Im going to miss you, Wind Waves. You have been a whimsical, graceful beacon of colourful cheer; Especially on cold, grey days with rain and snow all around.

Meters smarter than we think?

The Editor, Has anyone noticed the recent rash of power interruptions in the Lower Mainland? Besides the two major power interruptions Richmond has recently endured, multiple power losses have been reported in numerous areas of the lower mainland.

TransLink works on Brighouse bus stop

The Editor, Re: Time for TransLink to look at big picture, Letters, Jan. 6.

City reviews Backlands policy

To Richmond City Council, Thank you to Richmond City council for reviewing the No.

East, West, not so different with money

Way back in the dawn of economic prehistory, there was the coin. Some of the first coins in the world were created in the kingdom of Lydia, in what is now Turkey, but was then part of the Greek sphere of influence.

Abuse becomes life sentence

The Editor, Re: "Dad jailed for abusing daughter," News, Jan. 13. I felt so sad for that six-year-old little girl who was abused by her father. I am so angry at our so called "justice system.

Both sides of pipeline use foreign dollars

Well, it certainly didn't take long for overheated rhetoric and base hypocrisy to colour the assessment hearing for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project.

Time to ban them all

Statistically speaking, there are 16 people alive today who quite probably would not have been if B.C. hadn't enacted its distracted driving law two years ago. Enacted on Feb.

Voice your pipeline thoughts

The Editor, The VAFFC has made a minor addendum to its jet fuel proposal with the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) by considering placing the pipeline along the Highway 99 corridor.

Beware of food bank rep

The Editor, I recently had a man come to my door claiming to represent the "Single Parents Food Bank." Since I have never heard of such a thing, I didn't give him any money, but I looked online, and it sounds like he is a scammer.