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Letters: Richmond strangers’ help renews faith in humanity

A Richmond News reader wants to thank two people who helped her after a nasty fall in the city centre
A Richmond News reader was helped after a nasty fall by two strangers

Dear Editor,

I hope that this letter will reach the attention of two wonderful Samaritans of kindness and caring that came to my assistance on Tuesday, April 13.

I’m a senior female and was walking on right sidewalk of No. 3 Road to attend a denturist appointment on Cook Street.

My toe caught on a raised paving stone (many of them following winter wet season and multiple building projects) and I took an unplanned flight that did not require pre testing COVID-19 clearance to board, landed very hard face down with right arm and shoulder taking most of the impact and was unable to move due to pain and shock.

A gentleman (literally) came to my assistance and soon after a female passing by stopped to assist. They were so caring and called an ambulance as I was unable to move and remained with me until it arrived.

I was attended to and transported to emergency at Richmond Hospital. They were all very caring in the required attention that was needed and apparent in every department involved.

I want to thank everybody that contributed especially the two who came to my assistance on No. 3 Road as they were dismissed from the scene without any thanks or show of my gratitude.

To me personally from this entire experience I am encouraged to know and feel that, in spite of present pandemic situation and mandates, there is still the “human element” in existence of love, compassion, respect and caring for each other.

This experience renewed my faith in human instincts and gives me hope that we can all learn to be kind to each other again and move forward and not forget but learn what  unhealthy “fear” can affect our own instincts and community. Together we stand, divided we fall. Love always and live in hope.

Emily Rawlings White


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