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Letters: Racism comes in many forms

A Richmond News reader says jokes such as "kung flu" are dangerous
A Richmond News reader warns that racism has many faces

Dear Editor,

Re: “Trump got it right,” Letters, April 8

Racism is not limited to being a member of the KKK or freely dropping racist names. Racism presents itself in many ways. 

A teacher telling an Asian child they should do better on their math test (based on the stereotype that Asians are good at math) or a complete stranger saying “You Asians can’t drive” (based on another stereotype) is also a form of racism. It isn’t funny or good-natured hilarity, it’s racism.

There has been an increase in physical and verbal attacks against Asians during the pandemic.

If, like the letter writer said, you have Chinese persons in your family, then this should be a real concern for you. Trump’s “refreshing doggedness” as you call it, to use the terms “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu” is dangerous and hurtful to the Asian community. One only has to go back to our long history of anti-Asian rhetoric and violence.

Nobody is perfect, but when someone tells you, what you said or did is racist, you don’t get to say but I have Chinese persons in my family and/or I have practiced martial arts. These do not give you a free pass to say whatever you want about racism, and is not a one way ticket out of racism town.

What you need to do is close your mouth, open your ears and take in what they are telling you. Any other response is unproductive, insensitive and privileged.

Hannah Holmes