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Five Richmond organizations receive anti-racism project funding

The Richmond Asian Canadian Equity Alliance Association received its funding for and anti-Asian racism study
Richmond-Queensborough MLA Aman Singh welcomed the $30,000 in funding for anti-racism projects across the city

Five organizations in Richmond have received a combined $30,000 in grants from the provincial government to fund projects aimed at tackling racism.

The BC Multiculturalism Grants program this year prioritized projects addressing anti-Indigenous, anti-Asian and anti-Black racism.

The five Richmond organizations which received $5,000, unless indicated, were:

Richmond Asian Canadian Equity Alliance Association;

Richmond Cinevolution Media Arts Society ($10,000);

Richmond Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada;

Richmond Multicultural Community Service;

Richmond Public Library.

Richmond MLA for Richmond-Queensborough Aman Singh said the rise in reported incidents of hate and violence over the past year “reminds us of the work still to be done to tackle racism.

“By supporting these local multicultural projects, we are giving people in Richmond more tools to speak up and make our community safer.”

The government announced that more than 190 new projects have received support through the BC Multiculturalism Grants program.

The Richmond Asian Canadian Equity Alliance Association received its funding for and Anti-Asian Racism Discrimination and East Asian Canadians Social Study, saying that East Asian Canadians are a “visible minority” who are an “easy target of racial discrimination.”

The Richmond Cinevolution Media Arts Society, meanwhile, received its $10,000 to create a series of podcasts titled Anti-Asian Racism Race in the Time of COVID-19.

That series will examine the impacts of COVID-19, race relations, and “structural inequality in the globalized post-pandemic era via a mix of cross-cultural dialogue, music, and multimodal audio content from a contemporary Asian diasporic perspective.”

While the Richmond Multicultural Community Service will use its funding to put on a “storytelling” event, looking at anti-Asian racism and “How we are made to feel like we do not belong: This project will focus on the sharing of common experiences among the Asian community (all parts of Asia) in feeling like they do not belong.”