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Letters: Trump got it right about China

A Richmond News reader thinks that former U.S. president Donald Trump was correct in his assertions about China and the roots of COVID-19
Former U.S. president Donald Trump

Dear Editor,

Re: “Calling out racist rant is easy part,” Opinion, April 1.

I wanted to respond to a comment that you made in the Opinion section where you stated: “We’ve just come off a year where we’ve seen a spike in aggression and violence toward Asians, not to mention an American president who used inciting terms like the ‘China virus’ or ‘Kung flu.’ ”

You appear to be fingering President Donald Trump as part of the problem regarding Asian hate crime.

I, however, would like to applaud President Trump for having the unflinching resolve to squarely place the blame for COVID-19 where it belongs (if only all politicians could display such refreshing doggedness), and at the same time doing it with good-natured humour.

His comments do not blame people of Chinese ancestry, but instead they are obviously being aimed at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It is becoming very clear that the CCP, who has sponsored efforts that carelessly manipulated viruses for unscrupulous military purposes, is the real perpetrator.

Blame has to be and is rightly directed towards the CCP, even if some idiot comes along and tries to twist these efforts to mean something else.

As someone who has Chinese persons in their family, and who has practiced Chinese Martial Arts since the age of thirteen, I had a good laugh at the “Kung flu” comment.

There was no intention of being disrespectful or demeaning. Please, let’s not fault anyone for having a flair for good-natured hilarity. Let’s all just lighten up a bit!

Wayne Clouston