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Richmondite tries to save injured snow goose

A snow goose, which was found injured beside South Arm Community Park, was put to rest due to deadly injuries, possibly caused by a dog.

A snow goose, which was found injured beside South Arm Community Park, was euthanized after suffering from life-threatening bites presumably from a dog. 

On Thursday morning, Richmondite Diana Redman said her friend notified her that an injured snow goose was lying close to the South Arm Park dog off-leash area. Her friend was worried but didn’t know what to do, so she called Redman for help. 

According to photos shared by Redman, some of the snow goose’s feathers were stained with blood drops. 

After arriving at the scene, Redman’s husband started petting the injured bird, which eventually allowed him to pick her up and drive her to the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC in Burnaby. Later, Redman received a call from the hospital saying they put the snow goose down due to five deadly injuries. 

“It was pretty sad. We don’t even know how long she (the injured snow goose) had been sitting there suffering,” said Redman, noting that the veterinarian doesn’t think a coyote caused the injury because a coyote would do more damage than that.

“It’s a sad reminder to keep pets leashed when not in the fenced dog park area. Also, if your pet attacks another animal, have a heart and get the animal to safety.”

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